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P by NekohimeKagepuma
Whatever. It's 3 am and I don't care. Not caring about a lot of things. Tired of being pushed around and treated like shit. Getting to the point that I'm bout to give up on even going to college. It's been over a year and everyone's moved on, so why can't I?

As you can tell, I hate prom. Everything about it. I never went. Personally, I wish it would disappear.
Valkyrie Com by NekohimeKagepuma
Valkyrie Com
A commission for :Chest-Mountains: of her character Valkyrie. Character belongs to her.

This was fun to do. My first piece using my tablet and updated photoshop on my laptop rather than PC. I did a lot of experimentation not only with the program but with perception. The character herself was quite interesting and it took me a bit of thinking to try to capture the saucy and strong yet feminine and seductive expression and posture. I tried to capture a soft morning feeling.
Ostara by NekohimeKagepuma
I know it's a month late, but here is my painting for Ostara. The original piece was much bigger and it was just too much so I cut it down to just this. It had a bunch of rabbits and shinning orbs of light and a crazy background and I'm pretty sure it would've taken much longer than I was willing to spend, especially since she was the main focus anyway.

Her face was so much fun to draw! As I was coloring it, I could practically feel the transition from dead. dark winter, to bright and colorful spring! I tried to make her into my image of Persephone, who is sometimes a symbol for the season.
002 - Ivysaur by NekohimeKagepuma
002 - Ivysaur
Ivysaur using Power Whip. It's a move only attained by selective breeding, so I guess this Ivysaur has a good bloodline. Fushigisou is the Japanese name. I think he looks like his name really would be Sou. It was interesting to make him look like an older version of Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur -->…
Bullying in middle schools have gotten out of hand. I understand that it's impossible to live in a world without conflict. I also know that for healthy growing, kids need to experience some harshness. HOWEVER, things have gotten to a point that they are dangerous. Kids in today's society are spoiled and not brought up properly. I saw middle schoolers with Iphones and things like that, while I still have the brick phone I received in 9th grade. These kids are cursing openly and saying profane things while adults are present. There are many who are going beyond bullying and harassment and are trying to get others to kill themselves. It sickens me that in six years, middle school has degraded that much. I understand there are "anti-bully" programs they have at the schools, but they are laughable, even when I was in middle school. And it's clear that it is not all the children's fault. Parents are to blame as well. So are teachers, some of which shouldn't be allowed to teach frankly. I want to try to spread the word to stop bullying because it's getting dangerous. I will be trying to arrange to public speak at the middle schools, because hearing an adult say "it's not nice to bully" is very ineffective.
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Amber Tunstall
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Konichiwa! My name is Amber, but some people call me Nekohime (written in Katakana!). I have been drawing since I was very little, mainly self taught. Eventually I discovered the world of manga and anime, and shortly became an otaku. I have my own stories and OC's. I constantly strive to better my skill and hope to become a manga artist. I loooooove cats and mythical creatures! I tend to be depressed though so most of my works have a dark feel to them. I think that's part of their charm though :)

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