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Hand Stuff Practice by NekohimeKagepuma
Hand Stuff Practice
Just some random sketch practices I was doing. It's difficult to do shadows with the new brush settings since it's so sharp. I guess it's pretty obvious that it won't be the main setting for when I'm doing actual paintings. Didn't put too much time or effort so anatomys a bit off, just needed to sketch that's all.
Panel Test by NekohimeKagepuma
Panel Test

Tell me what ya'll think :)

First real panel I've ever done! I might do a couple of sample pages and have everyone vote on what they think of them to decide what story to send to Yen Press. This took quite a while, for just the one panel. I ended up working all day on only this, especially since I needed to decide colors ect. Can't wait to do the rest!!

Hana by NekohimeKagepuma
Playing around with new brush settings and such. Just a simple sketch of a character. Still not used to how sharp it is.
Kuro ink/tone by NekohimeKagepuma
Kuro ink/tone
Second shot at making tones. Played with light a bit. Still need to get used to the new brush and inking in using that style. I'll probably download some toner templates and play around with those soon.
Chibi Tiger by NekohimeKagepuma
Chibi Tiger
Made toners for the first time on photoshop. Also tried new brush techniques. Really trying to make headway in fulfilling my goal of getting published. Looking at this makes me so excited since it looks pretty legit! Now that I know the process, it's time to play around with it. Can't wait to start adding panels with this new-found technique!!!

Rather depressed so here's a poem I wrote. Will def make a little comic thing to go with it. Tell me what ya'll think

Hello, my name is


And I’m new here!

But I’m a fast learner

Now don’t you fear.

What can I get you?

How can I help you ma’am?

            Oh my!

            I think I’ll try the lamb!

Just give me a minute

I’ll cook it right up!

It’ll be out real soon,

Just in time to sup!

We had a good day,

Though I hurt my knee.

We had a good day,

Him and her and me.


Hello, my name is

And I’m on year two.

I’ve been here a while,

So I’m no longer new.

I know every recipe

I’ve tried everything.

If you need any help,

Just give me a ring.

I can cook it all,

Just take a look.

And in between orders,

I’m writing a book.

I’ve lots of time.

I’m getting good at life’s game.

I love each day,

Even if it feels the same.


Hello, my name is

And this work is no bore.

I’ve mastered it all,

And I’m only at year four.

Though my health’s been poor

And I’ve had my heart broken,

My heart’s stayed strong

And I’m no longer soft-spoken.

Many things have happened.

Time moves so fast.

I’ve had to learn a lot.

Like not to dwell on the past.

I know the future will be a struggle

But I’ve got to try my best.

I’ve done well so far

By giving life my best.


Hello, my name is

And things are not going well.

My medicine is failing.

Oh how often I fell.

Sickness seems to spread,

Everyone is dying.

It’s hard to fight depression,

And I’m often crying.

Though I’m in a good place,

I feel I’m struggling.

Though everything’s going well

I’m barely functioning.

I work my hardest,

But everyone says I can give more.

Things have been tough,

After year four.


Hello, my name is Nekohime

And this story is true.

The fact of the matter is,

Life doesn’t work the way we want it to.

So why don’t we make it easier

And cut back on the negativity we spew.

See the beauty in life,

Like a rose’s morning dew.

Yeah things are tough

And it’s hard to change your view

But if we can all get along

It’ll be harder to stay blue.

Be nice to each other.

Help your friends break through.

You never know what battles others face.

Some do struggle, if only you knew.

It’ll be better if we stay united.

Without hate, saying “thank you”.
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Amber Tunstall
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Konichiwa! My name is Amber, but some people call me Nekohime (written in Katakana!). I have been drawing since I was very little, mainly self taught. Eventually I discovered the world of manga and anime, and shortly became an otaku. I have my own stories and OC's. I constantly strive to better my skill and hope to become a manga artist. I loooooove cats and mythical creatures! I tend to be depressed though so most of my works have a dark feel to them. I think that's part of their charm though :)

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